The Princes of Albion

Book Cover: The Princes of Albion
Part of the The Long-Aimed Blow series:
Reviews:Startiger wrote:

A major page turner with in-depth characters and insights -- like a more spiritually informed Game of Thrones 🙂

Julie Long on wrote:

Just finished this wonderful adventure that had me smiling at a whispered revelation of love, laughing at the antics of these boys, feeling anger at a fractured, family with a bully for a father, and crying with heartfelt sorrow at the wrongs from our childhood that we can never go back and make right. I am already anxiously anticipating the second book, as I know our Heavenly Father can soothe the hurts caused by and redeem the sins committed by our earthly fathers. Now....I must see how He does it with these precious children.

This book is an easy read with the short chapters, and definitely holds your attention as you discover wisdom, sorrow, joy, pain and hope woven through the pages.

One review I read recommended this book for the teenage group. However, I believe it is for anyone, especially those who have experienced pain at the hand of someone over whom they have no power, but have continued to trust Abba Father to carry them through.

Highly recommend.

Within the soul of every man is the desire to be loved by one's father. Throughout history, this primal urge has resulted in epic and violent acts of betrayal, poetic expressions, loyalty, and dramatic twists of fate and fortune. From Oedipus to Othello, father-son relationships have represented story lines in literature that have altered the arc of the world's civilizations and shaped our modern definition of what it means to be a man. The Long-Aimed Blow, Book One: The Princes of Albion eloquently and graphically depicts an ancient world of dark forests and dusty streets where family dynamics and human passions collide in explosive episodes of rampant tyranny. It's a universal and timeless story of individual egos and generations of pride. Prince Caradoc, not bound by rules, honesty, or reciprocation, is a vengeful son and violent father. He embarks on a ruthless life of reckless ambition that delivers him and his extended family into a fearful journey filled with political intrigue, deadly revenge, and a hope redeemed in the age of the Roman invasion of Britain in 43 AD. Combined with light-hearted adventure, learning to deal with pain through imagination, spiritual hope, and incorporating deep underlying themes of love, kindness, and friendship, The Princes of Albion is a heartbreaking story told from the deepest hearts of people everywhere.

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