The Golden Cord

Book Cover: The Golden Cord
Part of the The Long-Aimed Blow series:

Set during the Roman invasion of Britain in 43 AD, The Golden Cord -- the second book in The Long-Aimed Blow series -- opens with unbridled cruelty. Caradoc's lust to rule Albion drives him to eliminate all in his path. He murders his father and his own wife, then he exiles his brother, Amminus, the rightful heir to the throne.
Left behind are his twin sons, Boaz and Jachin. Each mistakenly believes the other has been killed by their father. As they mature into adults, their lives take very different paths -- with one becoming a Greek physician and the other a Roman legionnaire.
Now High King of Albion, will Caradoc be dethroned when Amminus resurfaces? Will the twins reunite? Will Jachin sate his thirst for revenge by killing his father? Or will Caradoc's ruthless ambition continue to destroy his sons' lives?
The Golden Cord taps into the age-old themes of familial love, unrestrained ambition, breathtaking adventure, and reckless revenge intertwined with hope and redemption, recovery and faith. It's a tale vast in scope, conveying an ancient world where loyalties and passions violently collide, culminating in total war.


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