About us

Jon Hopkins

Jon holds a Bachelor’s of Science in theology and has spent 45 years providing care to teens and families in distress as a psychiatric youth care coordinator, a church youth pastor, and as a secondary schoolteacher. He is married, collects books on character written in the 19th century, plays the mandolin and guitar, and chases tornadoes for fun. Some of his writing includes stories published in these books:

 Living the Serenity Prayer, by Jeanette Gardner Littleton called “The Hard Path to Peace”

Love is a Verb, by Gary Chapman called “The Heartbeat of Springfield.”

God Encounters, by James Stuart Bell. A tornado chase story called “The Sweet Spot.”

Extraordinary Answers to Prayer: Praying Together, by Guideposts called “Favorable Wind.”

2012 NIV Boys Bible published by Zondervan. He wrote 24 devotions in this Bible.

Encountering Jesus by James Stuart Bell called “Jesus Hug.”


Check out his blog at JonHopkins.org.

Thomas Hopkins

Tom is a board-certified family physician who has been practicing medicine for thirty-plus years. He is married, plays the banjo, photographs bears in the wild, ballroom dances, dresses in period attire for the local Single Action Shooters Society, and pretends to be the real Santa Claus when his beard flourishes.