Book Awards for Princes of Albion!


A while back we entered the 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. We are pleased to announce that, although we did not win the first-place prize, The Princes of Albion did quite well. Below is some of the commentary from the judge:


Structure, Organization, Pacing, Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, Production Quality, Cover Design, Plot, Story Appeal, Character Appeal and Development, Voice, and Writing Style, were all evaluated. The book received from the judge the highest possible score in each of these areas!


Judge’s Commentary:


“The back-cover copy:  the first paragraph starts and ends with an awesome hook…

The cover graphic is nice, easy to read the title and author names. It’s nice to see that the photo wraps to the back of the book.

The interior is put together well. The choice of fonts for the text, chapters and quotes work well and in keeping with the feel of the story.

The dedication is something one doesn’t pay much attention to but this one rocks!

The list of characters with the phonetic spelling of their names is helpful and located in the correct place.

Right away these authors capture your attention thrusting you into the action and the setting. Chapter one begs-no demands you to keep reading. The authors carry that urgency through the entire book. The amount of research done had to be immense and yet the authors didn’t overwhelm the reader with facts. The carefully woven details enhanced the story. The plot is executed with great skill as is the character development and dialogue.

Writing with two authors often brings different voices to a book. In this case, these two authors have one voice, and it works well.” –Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.




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